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PR for a globalized world

Cross Border Communications
advises global organizations on how to heighten their visibility or establish a new presence in a target market. 

With decades of experience in international media, marketing, PR and strategic communications, Cross Border's mastery of both traditional and new (Web-based) media allows it to choose the most effective mediums to reach a desired audience. 

As global companies realize that it makes more financial sense to engage marketing and PR professionals on an as-needed basis, many are opting for the increased flexibility and cost savings that this approach provides. Outsourcing these tasks offers firms access to a broader range of creative people and ideas, and allows them to tailor a marketing strategy to specific needs and pay only for the projects they require. Cross Border offers clients access to our team of innovative professionals for far-thinking ideas at fair prices

Think globally. Speak locally.
Don't let your rmessage get lost in the translation. With extensive experience in global media, marketing, PR, and strategic cross-cultural communications of all kinds, Cross Border is uniquely positioned to advise European and North American companies that are eyeing Asian markets as well as Asian firms looking to grow internationallyCross Border's experts are local to the markets they serve and in touch with local sensibilities, ensuring that the message of an international, multicultural campaign is not diluted or distorted as our clients are introduced to new customers in overseas markets. 

Areas of expertise include:
    • Promotional campaigns for a new service or business
    • Marketing strategies for emerging economies
    • Working with clients' in-house marketing teams
    • Targeting media messages and liaising with the press
    • Media training for spokespeople and representatives
    • Drafting press releases, copywriting and editorial services
    • Art design for logos, letterhead and publicity materials
    • Creating online strategies and working with new media
    • Advertising campaigns and media buying
    • Branding and long-term image management
    • Creating an integrated corporate brand after a merger
    • Producing and promoting events
    • Internal communications auditing
    • Crisis communications
    • Public diplomacy efforts for governments and global organizations

Email for a free and confidential consultation on your organizational needs and goals. Special rates for non-profit groups and CSR activities. 

"All effective marketing is local."

Philip Kotler, the 'Guru of Marketing'

Cross Border Communications
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