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PR for a globalized world

Cross Border Communications specializes in helping firms expand into markets overseas by tailoring global messages to local audiences. The company unites marketing, PR, and design professionals from around the world who share a global vision but who remain in touch with local sensibilities, making them uniquely qualified to help international clients looking to target these new markets abroad.  
Increasingly, global companies realize that it makes more financial sense to engage marketing and PR professionals as needed instead of supporting a permanent in-house team. Outsourcing these tasks offers firms access to a broader range of creative people and ideas, increased flexibility, and the cost savings that result from operating on a per-project basisCross Border seeks to offer clients access to our team of innovative professionals for far-thinking ideas at fair prices. 

With extensive experience in international media, marketing, PR, and strategic cross-cultural communications of all kinds, the Cross Border team is uniquely positioned to advise European and North American companies that are eyeing Asian markets as well as Asian firms looking to grow internationally. Our team has worked with financial services firms including HSBC and Fortis Bank as well as on projects for the European Commission, the Dutch government, UN aid organizations, and the London Stock Exchange. 

Cross Border makes contributions each year to humanitarian organizations. Recent recipients include the UN High Commission for Refugees and the World Food Program’s mission in Darfur, Sudan 

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