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Selected articles on marketing, public relations, and design trends from around the globe.
Getting More from Digital Marketing
The McKinsey Quarterly (free registration required)
Digital technology is requiring marketers to be more agile, more creative -- and more honest. Today's informed, empowered consumers want information, not spin.

Building the Right PR Team: 
Internal vs. Outsourced Strategies [PDF]
PR is a necessary part of any successful marketing campaign. An analysis of the two different approaches to building a strong PR team, whether it remains internal or includes integrating outside help as part of the overall marketing strategy.  

Doing Business Abroad? Some High-profile, Cross-cultural Blunders
USA Today  
From Richard Gere's kisses to former President Bush's curses, some (in)famous examples of cross-border mishaps. 

Step Into the Fabulous
The New York Times

For an upcoming revival of “La Cage aux Folles” on Broadway, designing the right poster campaign meant finding a look that dazzles the eye and works on multiple media platforms. View the ads.   

Advertising Hurdles on Social Networking Sites

The New York Times  
Web advertising experts see many difficulties in making advertising work on social networking sites such as Facebook. Members of these online social networks want to connect with friends, not brands, and are reluctant to become an agent of advertising to their friendship networks. 

Calculating a PR Strategy's ROI [PDF] 
The Bulldog Reporter  
A concise white paper explaining how to judge the value of your PR and communications programs as a return on investment. By Carma International.
Crafting a Message That Sticks
The McKinsey Quarterly(free registration required)
The key to creating a message that will endure and inspire often comes down to the "stickiness" factor. An interview with Chip Heath, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford University, examines the elements of a lasting message.

Preserving Your Reputation
Business Week   
Successful companies must realize that a good corporate reputation is an important business asset, and key to boosting stock price.  
China's Power Brands
Business Week  [slide show]  
Developing and maintaining a powerful brand in the world's fastest-growing economy. 
Social Media: Great Expectations
Social media's business applications have revolutionized marketing, PR, and how you generate publicity for your business.

We're All Marketers Now
The McKinsey Quarterly (free registration required)
Controlled, top-down marketing has been eclipsed by a plethora of online and social media that demands a comprehensive, decentralized strategy for engaging customers and responding to their needs, be it via blogs, online review forums or social networks.

Sales Tips for a Tough Economy
The New York Times  
It's possible to increase sales even in tough economic times. Word of mouth is a great way to boost sales, but you can't just sit back and wait for it to happen.  

Advertising Strategies Online

The New York Times  
The online search engine has become an indispensable advertising tool. But since searching accounts for only 5 percent of time spent online, a comprehensive advertising strategy is required for the other 95 percent. 
CBC Golden Compass
An Interview with Nokia's Senior Marketer
The McKinsey Quarterly (free registration required)
Nokia faces complicated marketing challenges as it competes globally for market share, from providing support to small villages in Asia to securing partnerships with North American telecoms.  

Google Paves the Way for Morphing Logos
International Herald Tribune 

Most people think that portraying a consistent and unchanging company identity is the key to effective branding. But having a flexible corporate personality could be the wave of the future. 

The Lucent Logo:
Long Live the 'Big Red Donut'

AIGA, the professional association for design  
Lucent's simple logo, a brushstroked red circle, faced public derision when it was first unveiled more than a decade ago.  

New Ways to Measure Word-of-Mouth Marketing
The McKinsey Quarterly  (free registration required)
Despite the millions spent on marketing and advertising every year, what makes up a customer's mind is often a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted source.
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