Cross Border Communications - PR for a globalized world

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Practice sectors

Cross Border Communications
offers comprehensive services to clients in the following sectors, inter alia:
    • Banking and financial services
    • International legal firms
    • Energy and utilities
    • Telecoms and IT  
    • Small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Media and entertainment
    • Food and beverage
    • Real estate development
    • Hotels and hospitality services
    • Travel, tourism and leisure
    • Luxury brands and consumer goods    
    • Government relations and issues advocacy
    • Public diplomacy for governments
    • Public affairs and campaigns  
    • International non-governmental organizations
    • Charities and non-profit groups

With decades of experience in global media, marketing, PR, and strategic cross-cultural communications of all kinds, Cross Border is uniquely positioned to advise European and North American companies that are eyeing Asian markets as well as Asian firms looking to grow internationally

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Cross Border Communications