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Cross Border Communications
can create a long-term multimedia campaign to build awareness of your brand, or design à la carte projects for clients with specific needs.
Promoting a new service or business – Getting the word out is the first step, and a multi-faceted, targeted media campaign will help the company transition from obscurity to brand recognition.

Strategies for emerging economies – Entering a new or emerging market is not simply a matter of adapting previous strategies that have worked for re-use in a new country. Perceptions, needs, and expectations differ from one continent to the next,and each region needs a focused approach created with local attitudes in mind. 

Working with in-house marketing teams – In-house teams increasingly work in cooperation with PR firms worldwide to gain local insight when entering foreign markets and to outsource specific projects.   

Targeting media messages and liaising with the press – Excellent media contacts based all over the world with leading global outlets enable access to news writers and editors when needed.    

Press release drafting and distribution – Careful media monitoring ensures that timely, well-crafted statements are delivered to relevant news outlets as soon as a story breaks to make sure the company’s side is heard. Offering “No comment” is an admission of guilt in the eyes of the public.  

Copywriting and editorial services – Expert writers and editors ensure that messages are clear, concise, and reader-friendly – nothing undermines a message more quickly than audience confusion or boredom.

Art and graphic design – Exceptional designers will build a brand identity that helps the public understand your company's vision. The most effective promotional materials use visual cues that quickly make it clear to potential customers what you have to offer and how they can benefit. 

Issues advocacy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) – As consumers become more socially and environmentally conscious, they increasingly demand that the companies they support share their values. These days, PR is not just about managing an image – it’s about actually doing some good.

Advertising campaigns and media buying – Choose media messages that really speak to what your target audience wants and needs. Millions are wasted each year on ineffective media campaigns when companies don't do the research, then spend recklessly and hope for the best. 
Online strategies and working with new media –The explosion of Web-based communications calls upon businesses to keep up with the multitude of possibilities these new applications have to offer, from podcasts to Twitter to videos on YouTube. 

Trend monitoring and customer insight – Know your potential customers inside and out: What do they want, need, and wish for? Offering the right solution to an existing problem is the best way to win, and retain, new clients.

Branding and image management – Managing a brand involves constant media monitoring and the ability to respond to new developments with a steady presence and enduring corporate message.

Internal communications consulting – Assessing the flow of information in an organization to find out where key information is lacking, where does it stall or get misdirected, and what new mediums (such as blogs) can improve efficiency and cut costs? 
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Public diplomacy efforts by governments and institutions – As an accompaniment to standard diplomacy, governments and multilateral agencies sometimes need to redefine their message for the citizens of other nations. This requires great skill in crafting a message as well as an understanding of how it might be perceived by audiences abroad.

Crisis communications – Having a rapid-response strategy in place for when relevant news breaks is the price of having the public's attention. Damage to a company's reputation can be mitigated by moving quickly to answer questions or act on the public's concerns. In some cases, aggressively redefining the issue in the press is necessary to correct misperceptions.    

Media training – Proper preparation ensures that spokespeople and other company representatives are confident and able to stay "on message" when dealing with the press.   

Producing and promoting events – Hosting conferences, roundtables, and other events promotes a firm’s image by establishing it as an expert in its field and is one of the best ways to generate industry coverage of your organization. 

Cross Border Communications